Becoming the Healthiest You

Following phase one of your chiropractic treatment, you’ll begin to feel like a whole new you! Majority of your symptoms have likely dissipated and you’re finally beginning feel the relief that you’ve been seeking, whether you’ve suffered for weeks, months, or years. But your treatment has only just begun. In fact, the majority of chiropractors find that the reduction of pain and other symptoms of clients’ health conditions is the simplest phase of chiropractic care. If you were to stop your treatment, it’s likely that the symptoms will return, sometimes even worse than before.

However, don’t be discouraged by this. If your symptoms are gone, then the treatment is working, you just have to stick to it to achieve optimal health. During the restorative and corrective care stage of your treatment, your visits to our wellness center will be less frequent than during the first stage, and you’ll even be able to perform exercises and stretches away from our chiropractic center to further aid your progress! Just remember to stay diligent, and not sway from the plan that your chiropractor has set out for you. Even if your symptoms return on occasion, you must stay committed. It’s completely normal at this stage because you haven’t completed your treatment and your body is not entirely healed. But you will get there if you stick with it. Depending on your condition and how long you’ve been suffering, this phase will last anywhere from a couple months to a few years.

If you are new to chiropractic care and would like more information about our chiropractors, techniques, and how we can help, then don’t hesitate to contact us now, our staff will happily provide you with what you need. If you’re tired of suffering and would like to make an appointment for your initial consultation, then make an appointment or just drop on into our chiropractic center in Plano!

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