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Our Fundamentals

We understand that every patient is different. We provide specialized treatment to help you achieve health and wellness!

From your first day, the focus will be on you and your pain. We want to find excellent techniques that are uniquely tailored for your condition.

Our methods are non-invasive and DON’T require medication. Take a HUGE breath of fresh air as you let that sink in!

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Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Homer Adams II

After studying Biomedical Science at Texas A&M, Dr. Adams became a chiropractor in 2001.

Dr. Willie Ow

Dr. Ow has over 20 years of chiropractic experience! He's studied acupuncture, animal chiropratic care, and more.

A Legacy of Success

Our History

After Dr. Homer Adams started his clinic in [year], he quickly gained a reputation for being an honest, skilled and reliable chiropractor. His son, Dr. Homer Adams II, is proud to carry on his legacy. From seeing his father successfully treat so many clients, Dr. Adams II knows what it takes to treat EVERYTHING! With such a long history of caring for patients, it’s no wonder we’re the best chiropractor in Plano, TX! 😊📋

jerod williams
jerod williams
Patient of Dr Adams Sr., recently visited since his son has taken over shop. I gotta say at first i thought i was going to be biased cause of the VIP treatment i have got over the past 30 years but he actually improved upon perfection. I will be returning and bringing my family.
Darchele Mullins Erskine
Darchele Mullins Erskine
Dr. Ow is absolutely AMAZING!
Mark Lynn
Mark Lynn
I have been a patient at Adams Chiropractic Health Center off and on since 1980 or 1981 (40+ years ago). I started with Doc Adams Sr (till around mid 2010 or so), and yesterday went to my first visit with Doc Adams Jr. Long story short four weeks ago I injured my hand while sleeping, didn't know what happened just woke up and my hand was very painful. Four weeks later my hand still hurt (I couldn't close it to make a fist nor put any pressure on it and my grip strength was at 6, my weak hand was at 80). I had already missed work (losing about 1K) opportunities, been to the regular DR, to another chiropractor (2X), and that chiropractor wrote me off and wanted to refer me to a hand specialist for surgery (he said he couldn't help me). Out of desperation and frustration I contacted Adams Chiropractic Health Center since Doc Adams Senior use to work on my hands when I worked in the aviation industry and I had carpel tunnel syndrome in my hands/arms and he helped me stay away from getting surgery till I could retire. Anyway I made the 1 hour drive (each way) to have Doc Adams Jr. adjust my hand. Unlike the several other chiropractors I have used over the years, Doc Adams (Jr.) adjusted me in several ways to try and solve my problem and HE DID. By the time he finished with me (in this visit) I could make a fist again and I could put pressure on my palm and arm. My family and I stopped using the Adams clinic because we had moved an hour away (each way) and we thought it wasn't worth the trip. Worst mistake I ever made, since we were settling for mediocre adjustments at best over here on the other side of DFW metroplex for several years now. I am so thankful that Doc Adams is carrying on what his dad started.
sabin ghimire
sabin ghimire
Proper place with proper and polite people. Perfect for patient looking for good care.
Adam McCravey
Adam McCravey
I’ve been a patient of Dr. Adams Jr. for almost 10 years. The amount of care he and the entire staff shows has really made a difference in my life. As a runner, I go through aches and pains and Dr Adams is able to help me with my alignment each time I have issues. I recommend him to anyone needing a chiropractor because he is second to none! Thank you Dr. Adams!
Darren Cook
Darren Cook
I’ve been with Adams Chiropractic for just about a year now and am feeling great. My body moves better, I recover faster, & overall I couldn’t be more pleased. The staff is friendly and professional. I highly recommend this practice if you are needing chiropractic or physical recovery care.
Amiee Himler
Amiee Himler
I found Dr. Adams Chiropractic Health Center thanks to the recommendation of a friend after an awkward and unhelpful experience at another chiropractic office. Dr. Adams and Jenny, the Physiotherapist, were extraordinarily patient with me on my first visit, explained everything they were doing, and ensured that I was comfortable throughout the entire visit. It was such a safe and nurturing environment that I decided to keep coming back. Because of their gentle and welcoming approach, I even relax enough to get the full experience of chiropractic care. I am forever grateful for how their services have changed my life!

Meet Our Team


Tina is an awesome person and our warm and friendly face at the front desk!


Kitzzy is fun to work with and her compassion for people and contagious smile makes her a fantastic addition to the team.


Faith is the oldest of 4 siblings and has 2 fur babies, Leila and Midas. She earned her Associate’s Degree at Collin College.

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