1. Top Myths About Chiropractic Care

    Even though chiropractic care has been rising in popularity for years now, untrue rumors about the practice always seem to be swirling. If someone overhears someone just mentioning chiropractic treatment, they feel the need to chime in with the myths that they’ve heard, even though they have never…Read More

  2. Chiropractic Care Following a Car Accident

    As we all know, life can be rather unexpected. You may be following the motions, driving home from work wondering what you’ll be having for dinner that night, and soon after you take a right at the light, you’re blindsided by an oncoming vehicle. While we never plan for accidents like this, it…Read More

  3. Looking for a Chiropractor in Plano?

    Sometimes it can feel as if your pain is never going to dissipate. No matter if you’ve recently been in an accident, suffer from frequent headaches and migraines, constantly endure neck or back pain, or similar conditions, you might have come to the conclusion that it is just the way things are go…Read More

  4. Protein

    Created in Wellness Essentials, Nutrition Protein is another nutritional foundation essential to building and maintaining muscle during every stage of life. Protein provides a number of benefits in the areas of weight management, immune support, and bone health. As you know it is always best to nour…Read More

  5. Resistance Bands/Weights

    Created in Wellness Essentials, Exercise In order to keep your muscles strong, you must stress them by resistance training. Dumbbell weights or resistance bands are great ways to strengthen your muscles. Resistance bands are great because they are easy to travel with. Take them on your next business…Read More

  6. Videos, Books, & Internet

    Created in Wellness Essentials, Exercise With today's technology there really is no good excuse not to stretch and exercise properly. You can check out exercise videos for free at the local library, rent them from video stores or access free information online. You can even purchase exercise, yoga a…Read More

  7. Vitamins & Supplements

    Created in Wellness Essentials, Nutrition Unless you live on an organic farm, most experts agree that we should take a daily supplement in order to ensure that our bodies are receiving the nutrients necessary to promote our optimum health. Multi-vitamin supplements help your body stay nourished to k…Read More

  8. Wrist Metabolism Monitor

    Created in Wellness Essentials, Exercise If you are a gadget junkie, a professional athlete or just like to have the most advanced new technology, you'll want the Suunto t6. It is a wristwatch that calculates your heart rate, energy consumption, ventilation, oxygen consumption (VO2), respiratory rat…Read More

  9. Advanced Citizenry

    Created in Wellness Lifestyle Tips, Treat Others Well Being an advanced citizen means that you dedicate some of your time, your thoughts and your perspectives to a cause that you believe in. This may be something as simple as volunteering a few hours every month to visit with senior citizens in the …Read More

  10. Change Unhealthy Habits

    Created in Wellness Lifestyle Tips, Treat Yourself Well There are three things that have to happen to successfully change a habit. The first is that you must make the decision to change. When you make a decision, you are affirming to yourself that you are willing to go to any lengths to make your wi…Read More